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Impact Rollers


Impact Rollers meticulously refined over the years for performance

The BH-1300 impact roller, with its 8-tonne 1.3m wide module, is the original machine developed to deliver rolling dynamic compaction (RDC). Significantly upgraded over the years by Broons Impact Rollers at their South Australian factory, this workhorse of the fleet continues to deliver cost-effective compaction in a wide range of applications.

Features/ Applications

  • Hydraulic drum lift / Bulk earthworks, Pavement construction
  • Secure ball coupling / Civil engineering, Sports facilities
  • Jack stand / Engineered fill
  • Low maintenance / Water storage

Extensive field testing with buried pressure cells are calibrated with scale models in the research facility.

Our square impact rollers are the industry's gold standard

With speeds of up to 12 kph, the depth and rate with which the square impact roller compacts is the highest productivity solution available. Moreover, our unique square impact roller can be credited with compacting loose fill for construction sites including the islands of Dubai, multiple international airports, as well as some world-renowned Olympic stadiums.

Ten years of collaboration with the Adelaide University School of Civil, Environmental, and Mining Engineering has formed the backbone of further developments in RDC (rolling dynamic compaction), along with the continued development of the Impact Roller design and application.

Additionally, more than 40 PhD students have contributed to this process, with many published papers being presented at Australian and International Geomechanics Society conferences.

A combination of field testing matched with finite element analysis in the laboratory has brought about great advancements in the Broons Impact Rollers product and knowledge of deep compaction.

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