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Impact Rollers


Mining-Specific BH-1300MS Impact Roller

Broons Impact Rollers manufactures two mining specification versions with several special features aimed at delivering cost savings at mine sites. Specifically, the BH-1300MS, with a module 1.3m wide weighing just over 8 tonnes, stands out.

Additionally, the MS models incorporate extra wear plates for increased durability and swap out standard tyres for lugged mining tyres. Despite maintaining similar speeds and productivity, their application on mine waste tips and haul roads generally demands fewer passes, resulting in significantly enhanced productivity.


Features / Applications

  • Hydraulic drum lift / Rock reduction
  • Secure ball coupling / Haul roads
  • Jack stand / Pit floors
  • Low maintenance / Tip heads
  • Reinforced frame / Tailings dams
  • Heavy duty linkage / Waste dumps
  • Extra wear plates
  • Lugged tyres

Used extensively to ‘rubbilise’ sharp oversize rock on tip heads, pit floors and haul roads.

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Mining Transport Routes

Maintaining the structural integrity of these transport routes is crucial to uninterrupted productivity and the safety of all mine workers. With smooth even roads, significant savings can be made on truck maintenance, fuel costs and most importantly – tyre wear and damage. Before and after rolling images clearly show the difference.

Premature tyre failure costs are enormous in mining. The tightening of road infrastructure can pay large dividends to tyre costs, transport times and down time that occurs due to failure. Nothing has come close to the Broons Impact Rollers BH-1300MS and BH-1950MS in minimising these issues.

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